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Galerie Talent Art is in verband met het coronavirus tijdelijk gesloten.

Graag bieden wij u de mogelijkheid om na een telefonisch afspraak de galerie te bezoeken.

Neem contact op via: infotalentart.nl of via 061184216.

Iedere zaterdag is er een zeer bezoekers Kunstrondje tot 15 deelnemers. Galerij open van 13.00 tot 17.00 uur.

Hi, I am Teodozja and since I was 6 I paint the world around me. I have always won competitions and loved to paint – this is my world. Apparently I inherited talent from my grandmother, who was a post-war wall murals painter.
At kindergarten all my works had to be exposed to wall. I received my first prize at the age of six in an art competition at at summer camp center for painting of a Swedish ferry in the Baltic Sea. My portrait of kneeling women, painted in high school, adorns the walls of my classroom to this day. I felt gifted and wanted to do something in my life towards it. Thanks to this I got accepted into Academy of Art, which I graduated with perfect results.

Nowadays I still learn how to improve my talent and I took part in several Art Exhibitions, like for example in Eindhoven and Nieuwegein. I have my permanent exposition in the gallery in Grave, which I exhibit is visited by both Dutch and Poles.
The art I practice differs from the style in Dutch painting. My works are unique, multi-colored compositions in massive wooden frames. I interpret in painting a reality in its own way. I avoid realism.

Learn more about me here – Teodozja Olejnik

I am Jolanta, I am co – owner and manager at Talent Art Gallery.
Since I was a little girl I loved to visit Art Galleries and Antique Shops or reading books about Art or ancient painters. I used to study about the history of art. I admired Art (with A as a capital letter) by visiting places and old churches with lots of old fresques, paintings or sculptures. I could spend my life in a place like this.

As a fullfilment of my dreams I created my very own gallery in November 2019. I even did something more. I started to write about art in Polish – Dutch bulletin – the PNKV cultural newspaper.
What I am doing is promoting, and selling paintings from well selected and talented Polish artists, like Krystyna Grzybowska, Teodozja Olejnik, Mariusz Kula,  Marta Matuszewska or Eliza Piechnik. All of them are from Poland and some of them live in the Netherlands. I hope that in time there will be more of them, because I would like to enrich Polish culture in the Netherland.


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