‘When I paint, I forget about the whole world. I paint because I love to create, this is the only means of expression in which I feel best.’

Olejnik doesn’t hide her passion. Apparently, she inherited talent from her grandmother, who was a post-war painter wall murals. In kindergarten she belonged to a block club, where all work had to be exposed to wall. She received her first prize at the age of six in an art competition at the center by the sea for painting a Swedish ferry in the Baltic Sea. Her image of kneeling women, painted in high school, adorns the walls of her classroom to this day.

She firmly says that then already she felt that, she had a huge talent and she wanted to continue her education in this direction. Two years later, after graduating from technical college of advertising, she got accepted to the Jan Długosz Academy in Częstochowa at visual arts direction. There, under the care of prof.mLeon Maciej and prof. Włodzimierz Kulej, she was improving her practical skills. During studies she sold six of her paintings, which was a huge success among other students. Finally, she graduated with a diploma with a very good notes from painting.

Local Art Gallery in Świeradów Zdrój in Poland accepted one of my paintings and owner of small hotel in the same place bought two paintings more‘ says Teodozja and add ‘I painted mostly landscapes, but it happened to me to create a series of abstraction made with teethbrushes, which I sold later for a dental clinic in Poland.‘ Also Olejnik’s reproduction of ‘Irises’ (originally painted by Van Gogh) was sold quickly.

After graduation daily duties completely absorbed her. In adult life there was no time for painting. Years later, when she came to the Netherlands and met Jolanta Surowa everything changed. Jolanta, today’s owner of the Talent Art gallery and painting enthusiast helped Teodozja to revive my love and rejoyce painting.
I joined the National Associatie voor Beeldend Kunstenaars, exhibiting my work through to the association of painters of artists in the Netherlands, my works are also currently exhibited in the Talent Art gallery.’ laughes Teodozja Olejnik

‘The picturesqueness of the Netherlands encourages me to paint landscapes; windmills, bulls from the nature reserve, horses, motifs from Grave, Zeeland, Schaijk, Friesland, Delft, Amsterdam and many more. In every painting you will find a part of my soul.’ says Olejnik about herself.

All paintings performed by Olejnik are put in handmade frames. The images are stretched by hand on linen canvas.
Each of them was created on average over three months.
She uses her own palette of colors and shades.
The art she offers differs from the style in Dutch painting. Her works are
unique, multi-colored compositions in massive wooden frames. She interpret in painting reality in her own way.

‘I painted four wall murals to order, one of them for the “Karczma Polski Stół” Restaurant in The Hague. I exhibited my paintings during large NABK exhibitions in Eindhoven and Nieuwegein. It gives me the opportunity to develop further in creativity.’

All paintings created by Teodozja are easily to admire at Talent Art Gallery – 
at Rogstraat 34 in Grave.