Since I was 6 I paint the world around me. I have always won competitions and loved to paint. At my High School I had the highest notes at art. This is my world.
Thanks to this I got accepted into Academy of Art, which I graduated with perfect results.
Nowadays I still learn how to improve my talent and I took part in several Art Exhibitions, like for example in Eindhoven and Nieuwegein. 
I also make a tattoo projects, which are really popular among. I am also a pride wall murals maker, which
I made in polish restaurant „Karczma Polski Stół” and in several privat houses of my friends. 
Are You interested in what I create? You can find my pictures on a constant exposure at Rogstraat 43
in Grave.

If you want to know me and my work better and if  – of course – you want to keep an eye on the ball what I am doing right now check my blog – Teodozja Talent Art




Hi, my name is Jolanta, I am co – owner and manager at Talent Art. I do promote, and sell paintings of well selected and talented artists.
Since I was a little girl I loved to visit Art Galleries and Antique Shops and admire Art (with A as a capital letter). I am happy now, that my dreams come true, that I can popularize talents among people. 
As a fullfilment of my dreams I created my very own gallery. You can visit me now at Rogstraat 43 in Grave. In my gallery you will find good quality pictures painted both by talented artists and beginners.
I invite you warmly, if you love and value art you will find something you will love.

If you want to know me, my work and my passion check my blog. What to expect there? A lot of inspiration, quotes and information about Art (with A as a capital letter 😉 ), beautiful paintings and places. Say YES to Art!