Do you still wonder what I can offer you? Is real Art something for you?

Let me tell you something – everybody can admire, adore, value and… own beautiful paintings. Or murals. Or… tattoos!

This is what I can do for you –

First of all I paint oil paintings. Here you can find some of them, if you want more, please check my portfolio.

If you need, I can create a tattoo sketch for you. I did several of them, and people really liked them. Whatever just exist in yor head – I quarantee you I can put it into words, I mean on painting! Here you can find some of my projects. If you need something more, please contact me at +31611842116 (also whatsapp), or dm me at info@talentart.nl

I also painted some murals, for example for polish restaurant „Karczma Polski Stół” in the Haque. Below you can check some of my works. If this is this area you are interested in, please contact me at +31611842116 (also whatsapp), or dm me at info@talentart.nl.

Is there anything we can do for you? Contact us!

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