My name is Jolanta, I am a co-owner and manager of the Talent Art gallery. Since I can remember, I developed my love of art. I loved to visiting galleries and antique stores, read art books, I adore the smell of old books and have often used books about history of art. I admired art (with the capital letter A) by visiting places and churches full of frescoes and paintings sculptures. I could spend hours in such places.

As a fullfilment of my dreams I created my very own gallery in November 2019. Why I choosed Grave? It is a small historical city where art and tourism flourish. Great place to grow. In this green area UNESCO is in the center of a small one cities are my small, but like a beautiful gallery. I even did something more. I started to write about art in Polish – Dutch bulletin – the PNKV cultural newspaper.

I promoted Teodozja Olejnik at dutch art market. Today she is a part of NABK and she is considered as an international artist at every exhibitions. What I am doing is promoting, and selling paintings from well selected and talented Polish artists, like Krystyna Grzybowska, Teodozja Olejnik, Mariusz Kula,  Marta Matuszewska or Eliza Piechnik. All of them are from Poland and some of them live in the Netherlands. I hope that in time there will be more of them, because I would like to enrich Polish culture in the Netherland.

We strive to ensure that all images have certificates of authenticity and they were unique. The gallery started its activity in November 2019 with the first successes. We have the first sales of paintings, the first descriptions in Dutch newspapers and first talks about cooperation with Mr. Waldemar Pankiv from PKNV – association
operating at the Polish embassy. I work on cooperation with all European artists.
I want our paintings to be valued and recognized on the art market in Europe. I apply emphasis on promoting artists from Poland. Our Polish art is beautiful and often delights Dutch and even French people.

My Gallery is small and it is just the beginning, but thanks to my love for art, sponsors and – I believe – artists, we will create images for sale that the world has not seen yet. I wish it for myself, sponsors and my future art connoisseurs.

If you want to meet me, my work and passion take a look at my blog. What to expect there?
A lot of inspiration, quotes and information about art (with A as a capital letter?), Beautiful paintings and places, information about artists. Image visualizations. Say YES to the play!